Wednesday, 6 June 2012

groundhog day

This week urbanjane has swapped London pavements for rainforest. This week I'm junglejane and intent on getting right back to nature!

I've always loved sleeping under a mosquito net, and this, along with the sound the sound of crashing waves and singing crickets makes me feel very jungly. I had no idea the jungle could be so noisy at night!  The crickets get louder and louder and then the birds join in and they don't shut up until dawn, like an all night rave for birds. It kept me awake on the first night, more out of delight and not wanting to miss anything I think, but now I let it lull me to sleep.

In the last couple of days I've clambered up to a massive thunderous waterfall and swum in the pool below (pictures later when I get a better connection), eaten the sweetest passion fruits and guavas and pineapples and snorkelled over reefs where volcanic activity under the sea bed causes a stream of  bubbles to rise up to the surface in a stream like huge crystals. I tried to catch the bubbles and as I did so felt a surge of energy in my hands as they broke up and off to the surface. Nearby in the shallows the hots springs coming up from the sand were hot enough to burn your ankles. This is all so breathtakingly beautiful that I can hardly believe it is happening. I've even had dinner for three nights in a row watching a full moon rise over the Atlantic Ocean.

Actually that's not possible is it? Is this my groundhog day?

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