Monday, 5 December 2011

is there a cure for wanderlust?

So urbanjane is off soon to experience a different urban habitat ... Havana, cha cha cha!  I've seen friends' photos, heard their experiences, read stories, read guidebooks, read about the economy, read about Che, even read cookbooks, been taking Cuban salsa classes, been polishing up my Spanish, but I still don't know what to expect.  I know that it will be colourful, loud and noisy. I've heard the people are charming and the cars are vintage, the buildings are beautiful and crumbling but how will it hit me? I'm anxious. Will it be another somewhere that I can't get enough of and I keep getting pulled back to even though I know I don't belong there? Will it be another beautiful place that lodges itself in my heart? When I leave will it feel like it feels when a love affair ends suddenly?

This is my wanderlust and it's uncomfortable. One day I want to live somewhere else. But when I get there, it won't be somewhere else any longer. That's like the tomorrow that never comes.

My dream is that one day I find that "somewhere else" that feels like home.