Saturday, 7 April 2012

Christina O pays a visit to the Wharf

One of my first yachting jobs was on a flotilla. We were based in Lefkada, in the Ionian, and on our circuit  we used to pass Skorpios, the private island belonging to the Onassis family. I don't know if they are still there but some 10-12 years ago we would sail past some enormous buoys, which were said to have been laid for Aristotle to moor his legendary yacht, the Christina O, named after his daughter. I remember us all looking at these huge buoys in awe and trying to imagine the scale of the vessel.

After Aritotle's death the yacht was sold and wasn't seen for years, allegedly falling into disrepair in some shipyard.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when walking through Canary Wharf I stumbled across this very yacht, magnificently refurbished and relaunched, right on my doorstep!